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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Amelia Marrocco who was born in Chicago, Illinois on May 01, 1928 and passed away on February 02, 2006 at the age of 77 in Rochester, NY.

She is predeceased by her husband, Joseph W.; grandson, Matthew Gramlich. She is survived by her children, Linda (Michael) Rosa, Thomas (Audrey) William (Debra), Donna (fiance, Ron Ayers) Gramlich; grandchildren, Ron (Jen), Karl and Cyndi Kusse, Melissa and Dina Marrocco, Samantha and James Marrocco; great-granddaughter, Megan Kusse; brother, William (Mary Jane) Dellfava; nephew, Joseph (Kathy) Palermo; other nieces and nephews. Greece Central Transportation retiree.

She was a beloved mother, sister, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt and friend....
we will remember her and love her forever in our minds and hearts!




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Open, Closed   / Cynthia Patrice Kusse (Grand Daughter )
Open, closedWho wants to knowYou told us that you would open the doorsClose the kitchen, turn off the lightWe kept flipping that sign to kitchen openYou came back in with the fridge openYou never yelled at us unless you heard footsteps in the ni...  Continue >>
4 lonely years!   / Linda Rosa (daughter)
Hi Mom Well today it's been 4 years since you went to be with Dad but not a day goes by when I wish you and Dad were both still here to see your grandchildren grow up get married and give you beautiful grandchildren. But somehow I know in my heart t...  Continue >>
Xmas in Heaven   / Linda Rosa (daughter)
Hi Mom How is it in heaven? I know your with Dad Matthew grandma and grandpa Dellfava and Marrocco and the rest of family members. Bet your all getting ready for Xmas the birth of Jesus. Miss you so much. You and Dad are great-grandparents now and ...  Continue >>
Warm Thoughts of You On Your Angel Day   / Carol Pizzi (Angel Debbie's Mom )
Forever remembered   / Precious Memorials
Happy Birthday Precious Angel xx  / Delia Allan Tomlin's Mum     Read >>
Thinking of You xxx  / Precious Memorials     Read >>
Thinking of You Precious Amelia on Your Angel Anniversary with my love always  / LaRaine Mom To Angel Cynthia Hernandez (friend)    Read >>
In Loving Memory of Amelia  / Carol Pizzi (Angel Debbie's Mom )    Read >>
Amelia thinking of you today Precious Angel xxx Donna xxx  / Delia Allan &. BJ's Mum     Read >>
Thinking of You Precious Amelia on Your Angel Anniversary  / Forever Family To Angel~Vanessa Borg~     Read >>
Thinking Of You Amelia And Your Dear Family  / Denise Kneale (connected by angels )    Read >>
Happy New Year Amelia  / Denise Kneale (connected by angels )    Read >>
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